Stones in the Abyss

In Star Trek's greatest scenes we seem to see
the face of outer space
exactly at the moment when
it first attained the title of
"caribbean cruise"

They run about the screen in an
interplanetary rage
of curiosity
Heaped up
glowing with crystals and orange sand
under pastel skies
in an abstract landscape of painted trees
sculpted rocks alien make-up and silver toys
slippery mind game computers and
and all the final speculative sub-plots
of the
"imagination of science"



Anyhow, you get the idea.  It was a nice vision of space back then when traveling to the Moon was seen as just the beginning instead of just the end.  But now, sending out space probes, which ought to be the start of a great real-life drama instead of the start of a trickle of data, is less like launching a mechanical Columbus and more like tossing stones into an abyss.

(Image made in Kandid.)

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