Isle of the Dead

It's not such a great image, but I posted it because of it's interesting similarity to Bocklin's Isle of the Dead.

Bocklin's painting is surreal, and yet there is really nothing overtly surreal; the effect comes entirely from our mind.  Which is why I find abstract or semi-abstract works are the most expressive and powerful works of art.  They look like something real; but they look like something  more than just real.  There is something unpredictable and unnatural about the alien hand that made them -- that is, the computer algorithm.  This Isle of the Dead was painted by dead things -- a machine.

Still, Bocklin's painting is a fine example of the greatness of what I call, "Handmade Art" -- the human stuff.  He has really captured the dreamlike vision he saw in his mind.

Iterated Isle of the Dead 2.  Sounds like a trashy horror movie sequel.

The images were made in Kandid -- spontaneously and mysteriously, like an island on the horizon where there should be none.

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