Another Clickism success story.

I used multicrystal to sierpinski-ize and smear a fractal sideways.  I then India Inked it using the large scale wave pattern.  Either before or after that I believe (from looking at the image) I used a coloring filter called Ink Rubber by Martijn W. van der Lee made in 1997 to produce the deep oranges and blue gray, uh, blue grays.

Of course I wasn't trying to produce deep oranges or blue grays.  I was trying to simply make the image look better by clicking on (and clicking off) various filters.

And the oil?  The orange rock stratas combined with the black flowing liquid just looked to me like an interesting depiction of oil in the ground although I don't think it's quite like this in reality.

Fractal science and oil exploration: How to lose money scientifically.

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