Not the Usual Trash


Far out, eh?  It's like those Mondrian colored window paintings except with a strange new twist and curve to them.

I did some serious thinking about why everything I was making in Fyre was looking like a pile of curtains with a few rolled up pieces of paper tossed on top.  The answer, as always, was with the buttons and the dials, because, like the title says (unless I've changed it again) all I do is push buttons and turn dials.

I changed some "transient" thing from 10 to 8 which reduces the number of elements in an image (reducing the clutter) and then went back to turning the dials some more.  The result was less of everything, but occasionally (which happens "often" when you're using the power of a computer) something distinctive and clear would appear.  Up there is the first one.

Below, is the next one.


For some reason, the lines are curvey instead of straightey, and give the images a streamlined look.  I saved the worst for the last because I never assume anyone reading my blog will bother to read beyond the first image or paragraph.


I don't know, it has a Beluga look to it.  But the lines and grooves in the bottom section suggest strange inedible things and a corresponding voyage through strangely populated seas.  I guess that's why I find it hard to just post images without saying something; because I find that almost all imagery is suggestive of some idea or theme.

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