Winter Arrives on the Golden Land

Although it's completely accidental, these images made in InkBlot Kaos and filtered with India Ink.8bf create in my mind a vivid image of Winter and it's effect on human activity.

Winter, like the tornado-armed amorphous monster in the picture, chases everything either indoors or underground.  Subsequently, as we see in the golden, glowing subterranean depths of the foreground, Winter turns everything into a refuge.

I've always found this intriguing; while the indoors of a house or the bottom of a rodent's hole in the Summertime seems stifling and stale, they are transformed by the arrival of Winter into a place of comfort and security.  No one tells the animals or the people to stay indoors and yet both do so instinctively.

In the old days people went outside much more in the winter because they had work to do and because they were bored with being indoors.  Ironically, in our much more modern times we spend the winter living more like animals than we ever did in the past.  Our houses and apartment buildings become like trees and the city becomes as empty and silent as a farmer's woodlot in the country.

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