Something that was Art

Art is a snake continually shedding it's skin.  Crafts are snakes that continually repair and perfect their skin.  Crafts are not creative, and craftsmen are not creative except within that tiny space of stylistic variation they give themselves to wriggle.  Craftsmen are perfectionists and their goal is to create ideal things; they fix up old stuff, they don't make new things; they polish old doorknobs and varnish worn stair railings; if their coffin gets a scratch they come back to life and repaint it.

On the other hand, art is a snake continually shedding it's skin; changing; transforming; moving on; wiping the slate clean; reanimating itself in a lightning storm, and sees the craftsman's perfectionism as the mere worship of tradition; dead and lifeless;  wheel ruts;  sketching their own shadow; cut off from the very thing that created it in the first place -- something that was new and exciting, something that was Art.

(The image started off as a fractal made in InkBlot Kaos and then got the little squares added in Mosaic Toolkit by Lance Otis, and was then India Inked using the wave pattern.  I don't know how it got the orange and red color to it.)

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