Sierpinski Sketches

A modest, but stylish, white concrete country house in Valencia, Spain perhaps?

Or is it the mutant spawn of the chewing, sierpinski-toothed photoshop filter, multicrystal.8bf by Ilyich the Toad?

(Above image)  Interesting modern rendition of the bright, summery, peaceful and pleasant scenes of Claude Monet?  Or Quilt of Chaos; Crushing by Numbers; Sierpinski Monster Eats It's Young; Don't Sleep in this Field Dorothy!

(Above)  Quaint Victorian engraving of two towers guarding a harbor entrance somewhere along the ancient Mediterranean coast (Alexandria?) on a lazy sunny afternoon?  No, no.  They're all just examples of the unpredictable creativity of mixing graphical effects and filters to make something completely new from another digital image.

You take any image, preferably one with a nice color scheme, and then "grind it up" a few times in multicrystal.8bf to get the sierpinski, square pattern.  They you India Ink it to give it the engraved, black lines texture.  Finally you work your way through anything that might help things out and stop when the image looks finished.  I call it "Clickism".

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