Mars Gravity Probe -1


In the great classic sci-fi movie, Robinson Crusoe on Mars, the astronauts are part of a serious space mission called "Mars Gravity Probe -1".  I didn't think anything of the name; it was just one of those convenient tools that provide for an easy setting.

It turns out though, that the idea of sending out Gravity Probes is something that is still in the works and was a topic of serious speculation back in the mid-sixties when the movie was made.


I'm on my own Gravity Probe mission.  Been doing that sort of thing now since 2002.  Don't need no NASA.  Don't need no "big budget".

Don't need no gravity, neither.

I've been to places they don't even have numbers for yet.

Sure, they're after me.  But they won't ever catch up.  Why?  Because I got the parameters, man.  They can't do nothing without those.

I fly through the sky in a shining silver spaceship.  I ain't one of those slide-rule boys.

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