Glistening Cave of Justice

Grasshopper, do you still doubt the power of Clickism?  Are you not convinced that strange new wonders can come from the diligent application of photoshop filters?

Consider this, then.

The above diagram was the original image which I started with which eventually became the black and white image at the top -- all from clicking.

It's been more than a year now, but I think I started off with multicrystal which produces the sierpinski glass block look (oh sure! we all know what that looks like!).  Then I probably India Inked it using the Ostromoukhov pattern (sand grains).  Then Overlap 4 to get the 45 degree angle faces and add some new recombinant features to it (recombinant features?).

Finally, it was off to the Boris Karloff of filters: Extractor 1.  That's where the rich deep black and white contrasts come from.

Of course the whole process could have gone off the road and just become a lot of mush, which is what often happens.  But I took the road less travelled.  And that's why I get lost so often and make amazing discoveries.

Actually, it wasn't even a road, really.

Grasshopper!  Stay away from roads.  They'll only lead you astray!

(A gong sounds, and the camera pans away to a fountain and the sound of running water; running water gurgling and splashing on rocks like ancient laughter.)

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