Clicking to pieces

In addition to seeing the occasional interesting image, another exciting thing about making art from pushing buttons and turning dials is observing the graphical progression (or decay) of an image as it evolves into something (or nothing) after being filtered through numerous effects and plugins.

Consider this innocent, innocuous fractal made with Xaos:

First we India Ink it (below):

Ah. How delightful.  Next (below), we do something to the color and India Ink it with Ostromukhov.

Here's a variation (below) with some color filtering and the Mosaic Toolkit to add the square effect.  Not bad.

I forget what did this (below), but it's a variation of the mosaic image above.  Things are getting "different".

Somehow, this "happened" (below).  More general coloring filters applied.  (Why did I ever bother saving this?)

This (below) is from using the Odd Kind of Pastel filter by Andrew Buckle, the prolific filter maker.

Hmmmn.  (Below). More unidentified clicking.  It's not unusual to forget how you made something (especially when it looks like this).

This (below) is what I affectionately refer to as the dishtowel effect created by the Tradewinds filter by Andrew Buckle.  Cool eh?  It's an intriguing effect although it may take some time getting used to.  It speaks to me.

Well, that's a typical gauntlet of graphical, "photoshop" filters.  It's as much a process as it is a goal.  It's fun sometimes to just keep working away until you've made something that has absolutely nothing in common, or bares any resemblance to, the original image.

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