Beware... The Overlords!

Actually, we're all safe.  I don't think they'll bother too many of us.  They've come to Earth in search of fresh brains to power their empire.  Most of us will just get slapped with a Defective tag and sent home.

Which brings me to something else: we need new frontiers in the Sci-fi/Weird Tales department of pulp-type fiction.

I like reading the classic rayguns and spaceships Sci-fi stuff, but it's not something that anyone can really write about anymore.  It just doesn't have the same credibility.

Aliens or alien life of any type just doesn't seem plausible anymore.  So many Sci-fi adventure stories revolved around the encountering of alien (non-Earth) people, plants and animals -- alternative Earths.

Today the Universe looks very empty, and not because we don't have the imagination to fill it up with things but because our own explorations of it (mostly by telescope or space probes) have shown it to be both full of the potential for life and yet completely lacking any real evidence of it.

The Universe is empty.  All the balloons inflated by creative Sci-fi writers over the last hundred years have been broken.

Robinson Crusoe on Mars, a classic Sci-fi movie, was made just before the first Mars probe arrived and basically showed the "canals" and other mysterious features on Mars to be nothing more than geological scars.  The whole romance of Martian civilization, even if it was some ancient thing now dead and gone, evaporated with the arrival of the first photos from NASA's probe.

Today we get excited just finding water underneath the dusty surface of Mars.  No wonder most Sci-fi novels focus on environmental decay and Orwellian orbits (so to speak...).  We're at the top of the Mount Everest of history (it's a widely accepted term) and it's hard to imagine anything beyond all this.

Except of course, going back down the mountain and returning to some lower, more primitive, vulture eat vulture, level of existence.

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