Where the Green Ants Scream

An Inkblot Kaos fractal processed in Ilyich the Toad's Multicrystal (lens distortion) filter and the ever-popular India Ink filter by Flaming Pear.

Perhaps because of my Geography studies in university, I tend to see geographical themes in many of the things I make.  This one looks like a cutaway of a soil profile with grass on the top and increasingly deeper levels of the soil and roots displayed as you move towards the bottom of the image.  (I explain these things because I no longer expect everyone to see things in the same context as I do.)

The second image has been processed in a similar way but without the dithering effect of India Ink.  I made this over a year ago, but I think I used the Illustrator filter and put the color setting to the max, which saturates the colors.

I see a horrible underground battle between armies of ants.  But I see alot of things.

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