That Wonderful, Chopped Up Satellite Photograph Look

This above is a composite image of several hundred satellite photographs taken of the surface of Mars.  Actually it's the fractal image just below, processed in the on board slicer filter in XnView.  The fractal, from Sterlingware (parameter file link below it) has a nice color scheme but just didn't seem to be interesting enough to be displayed on its own.

icecap05.loo  (Original image from Sterlingware)

Normally, you get pretty mixed results with the slicer filter and if it works well it usually just produces an image that looks nice because it preserves an already good color scheme while adding some slightly interesting distortion to the image.  What makes this one such a surprise is that it actually improves the image.  I think it's because the textured surfaces when chopped up take on the composite satellite photo look.

It's a pretty simple slicer filter in XnView and doesn't have any options unlike many of the more sophisticated ones do.  All you can do is click on it and save or try it again and see if that looks better.  I rarely go beyond five or ten iterations because after that it just starts to look like mush and more slicing just moves the bits around without changing them much.

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