Small Colorful Things


Is there such a thing as Higher Art? Is there such a thing as Lower Art? Does an "expert" evaluation of an artwork, or an entire art form in general, mean anything beyond simply being one person's vote for or against a type of art?

Are there standards by which artwork can be measured or scored? Is good art just a matter of opinion?

I think about these things because I just naturally like to evaluate and compare art (whatever that is...) and such critical thinking naturally leads me to criticize my own opinions and to wonder if they have any substance to them or are just "mine" and purely subjective.


Also ...other people like to evaluate and compare my art.

It doesn't happen very often. Usually it occurs soon after I've expressed an opinion about someone else's artwork. But what do we make of these "counter-evaluations" which are so very different to our own view of our work?

Back in university, I took a course on the history of science and we studied the development of scientific theories to explain things like light, electricity and the orbits of planets. It was quite interesting to see how each new piece of research influenced the developing theories of what light was -- that is, the nature of light.


Although I haven't studied art theory or aesthetics and that philosophical stuff in a serious way, I'm of the opinion that the nature of art is either not fully understood or at least not fully understood by most people because art and what it is seems to still be so hard to explain. I'd say that "Art" is an experience. That's the fundamental aspect to it. The "experience" can be quite complex (which is what confuses the comparisons of artworks and art forms) but we should focus on that rather than the visual work which should be regarded as the source of the experience which is perceived and interpreted, but never really "seen" objectively.

Thomas Kincade's tiny houses with glowing windows and candyland backgrounds make me sick.

Am I really nothing more than the Thomas Kincade of my own tiny little world?

Image Notes
A Tierazon fractal India Inked, uscomic.8bf-ed, illustrator.8bf, although I can't remember the exact sequence. The other variations were chopped in XnView's native chopping filter.

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