Savage Enthusiasm

Over the very few years I've been involved in Computer Art I've come to recognize two groups of people: Us and Them.

Ha, ha. Just joking.

Or maybe not. First, there are "enthusiasts": people who get involved with Computer Art because they find it exciting. The enthusiasts (no capital, enthusiasts don't have labels) are simply enthusiastic, of the raw, uncomplicated kind, and give little thought to how that enthusiasm is viewed or analyzed by outsiders. They have no concern for labels because they feel their work speaks for, and explains itself. They will probably accept any opinion of their work as valid because they don't really care.

The other group is the "artist". They like Computer Art too, but they're enthusiasm is complicated (tormented?) by their thoughts of who they are and who people say they are. On the positive side, their mental turmoil can sometimes lead to theoretical insights (dark night of the artistic soul - type). But those sorts of things are only of benefit to other tormented artists and not the enthusiasts.

I think I've shared both perspectives over the years -- at times more one than the other -- but I think, deep down, (sounds artist-like, doesn't it?) I'm an enthusiast and feel that if people are confused about what art is and feel that cold, bloodless, computer creations are of doubtful artistic merit...

Image Notes
Made in Capow. The second image is a negative of the first.

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