Pictures on a Platter


In an interesting contrast to the traditional artform of oil painting, the digital canvas often wears a frame while being worked on and sheds it when it is finally displayed.

When I'm viewing images on my computer in an image viewer, I see them displayed with the window frame around them and from time to time I find they look better that way than when they're posted to a web page and frameless.

Linux gives users so many window frame options one could spend all their time just trying them all out and tweaking their appearance.  It make Windows programs look like they were dressed by their mother.

These images looked so nicely polished with their new KDE 4.1 Oxygen theme (custom colored) in GQview (no connection with the magazine, I believe) that it felt like a brutal act of violence to separate them from it.

The top two are from Inkblot Kaos and India Inked.  The larger one on the bottom is the first image rotated 90 degress to the right, enlarged and blockwaved in Showfoto.  The usual mysterious world of seaweed tendrils and space invaders bubbles was created.  Hieroglyphics from a strange new Egypt -- on a smooth Oxygen platter.

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