The Bayeux Tapestry of our Times

Look closely, and you'll see numerous details from a battle of great historical importance that occurred, or perhaps is going to occur, in a parallel dimension.

I made this with the blockwave filter from Digikam's Showfoto, a digital photo enhancing program for KDE in Linux.  It might be available for Windows as I believe the KDE desktop suite is available for Windows.

This particular blockwave filter does things that other ones I've tried don't see to do anywhere near as well and for that reason I consider it a very valuable tool when it comes to making art from pushing buttons and turning dials.

What's of greatest importance is that the creative effect is enhanced when you enlarge the image you're going to process.  That's unusual because normally enlarging images makes for blurry and unpleasant results.  Usually one has to work in a large size and scale down to make something better.

I'm still not finished experimenting with the blockwave filter.  Lately I've tried making super large images and cropping out interesting "bits" (600x600px).

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