Art from pushing buttons and turning dials


That's what it's all about here. That's all I really do, and these images are (with the exception of whatever skill it takes to compose or frame-up and image) the results of those simple actions.

It's as much discovery as experimentation or invention; often radical settings of the "buttons and dials" produce amazing results, but it's always a very laid back, vicarious, remote-control type of operation. Something like taking photographs with a telescope, but with more things to adjust and experiment with.

This image is an unprocessed Sterlingware fractal using the same arctan image settings as the previous post. The rich orange/brown-blue/white coloring creates some very stunning things. Also, there's a strange, space-like, high contrast lighting effect that makes images like this even more impressive. The parameter file will recreate the image in Sterlingware if you want to explore it yourself.

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