Sci-Fi Show


Sometimes Sterlingware makes very cool images that have a vintage sci-fi look to them. These images almost always come from the sine-trap rendering methods.

This is one of the things that makes fractals so interesting; they often produce huge panoramas of very detailed and stylized imagery. It can get boring at times since the wild scenery is actually very closely determined and constrained by the underlying mathematics and the overlying methods of visualizing those mathematically determined things.


The ability to modify the color is very important and often completely changes the "style" of the imagery by making the background the figure and vice versa. There's enough variables involved to keep one interested and the results looking fresh, but after a while I always get tired of the "organic" imagery that fractal programs make and need a change to something more (and this is very ironic) geometric.

Sometimes fractals are too real and ordinary.

Image Notes:
Before and after images. On the left, the original image as rendered in Sterlingware. On the right, the image modified by Flaming Pear's India Ink.8bf set on Queen using the Xor pattern at 4X.

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