Rare Picasso Made by Me in 7 Seconds!

I just know Pablo would want to shake my hand and say how relieved he is that finally someone has arisen to carry on the rich tradition of fresh, progressive artwork that he started.

I'm not sure he would be able to relate to the simple digital techniques of blockwaving travel posters off the internet, but then I'm sure many of his predecessors (is there anyone great enough to be considered a predecessor of Picasso?) weren't able to relate to his, sometimes, impulsive style (you might want to check that).

But I think Picasso was very flexible and innovation-friendly when it came to art and methods. Actually, I don't know.

At the same time I "made" this thing too:

It's a bit messy and I only saved it because I thought it shows how simply you can make interesting stuff with this blockwave filter from Showfoto.

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