Walking Heads

I came up with an interesting color setting for Sterlingware. The process is one where I work with both the fractal program and graphics program in sequence. So I experiment with Sterlingware and find something that looks promising and then save it. Then I open it up in the graphics program (Xnview) and see if I can make something out of it. Through trial and error (many of them) I eventually come up with something that is a combination of the best aspects of both programs. A symbiotic situation.

Original Sterlingware image. Not so exciting, but not quite finished yet either.

The fractal program and the graphics program work together. The fractal program doesn't have to produce something that is finished, it only has to produce something that the graphics program can finish using its many graphical effects. I used to think of the graphics program as "post-processing" and turning the fractal into something just plain digital.

But lately I've begun to view the process as one continuous, seamless graphical experiment. The fact that the two machines are separate is really just a technical matter and the output is as fractal as if there was only one program being used.

These images were India Inked with the Xor pattern and then Mirror, Mirrored, but not symmetrically, which produced the Easter Island-like head. I then shifted the hue using the plain old graphics program feature (not a photoshop filter) and saved these three variations because they looked good.

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