This series of images were made about half a year ago and I can't remember exactly how I made them. However, my visual reverse-engineering skills suggest to me that they probably started out as a fractal and were then were distorted using one of the distortion filters (.8bf) by Mario Klingemann like Distortion by Hue or Distortion by Brightness. They were then India Ink.8bf-ed and subject to some of Andrew Buckles famous filters, particularly some of the color "adjustment" ones. In the words of the Cat in the Hat, "But that is not all, no that is not all". I then took that single image and produced two versions by shifting the hue in the Hue/Saturation/something else - tool.

I had originally wanted to use this image (the second one was the first made) in a short vignette about weather maps depicting storm systems over the ocean, but I never got around to that. When I finally did this set of "writing on pictures", I came up with a third paragraph and needed a third image. I then took the first image and inverted (negative) the color. I didn't want just another hue shift, but it wouldn't have been hard to make a bunch of variations.

The images are examples of a process I would call, "Clickism". I'm not sure if it's really "generative" art in the strict sense (is there a strict sense?). It has a lot of user decision making, but it's just a matter of primarily of "clicking" on various photoshop-compatible filters (.8bf) and seeing what it does. Since one soon comes up with a "syndrome" or series (gauntlet?) of filters, it's almost like making your own program out of individual filter modules.

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