First Christmas on Mars

After the original deposits of crystal gas had been mined out completely, the Earth company wouldn't send out a supply ship unless we could guarantee them that we could send it back at least half full.

Despite our best attempts to lie about new discoveries and fake the levels of crystal in the storage silos, the Earth company wasn't budging, even though it meant we would not be receiving any Christmas shipment that year.

Some of our folks back home with help from an aid group that helped out starving space colonies like ourselves, got together enough money to send out one of those old-time drop ships.

It was supposed to break apart at ten thousand feet or so and land everything in several parachutes, but my dad said they never worked and that's why they weren't used anymore.

It wasn't scheduled to arrive on Christmas Eve, that was just a fluke. We saw lights in the sky, very colorful, and then a large whitish plasma cloud. I remember my dad pointing up at it and saying, "There's our Christmas. Thanks for nothing, Earth".

The colored lights up in the sky continued for about a week and made up for the longer than usual electrical blackouts we were having to conserve power for water purification.

Later on we found these round glass-like things all over the ground scattered between the houses and out in the desert. Dad said they must have come from the botched drop ship delivery, but he'd never seen anything like them, and he'd seen plenty of drop ship disasters.

We collected them and used the glass disks as Christmas tree ornaments and for decorating the living room. At night, during the power outages, the colored glow from the sky coming in through the living room window would reflect off our new ornaments and draw colors on the ceiling.

Although we'd all been there for some time and I was already 12 years old myself, for some reason that year seemed like the very first Christmas on Mars.

Image Notes: The 1st one started off as a Tierazon fractal, India Inked, Really sliding off the paper.8bf (Andrew Buckle), Distortion by transparency.8bf - I think. The 2nd one is a little more simpler; Tierazon fractal, India Inked, uscomic.8bf.

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