Cherry Orchard

My ongoing experiments with the Blockwave filter in Showfoto eventually led me, as is always the case, to diminishing returns. I then started to chart the most unlikely parameter settings to see if I could come up with something else of interest.

The results were images like this semi-obliterated one which, unlike most of the others, had immediate and strong appeal -- to me. This scoured canvas seems to radiate the presence of a cherry tree (or apple) in full bloom (they have flowers) on a clear, early spring day.

Will it do the same for anyone else? Will this convey anything of value to another viewer?

1) So what?
2) Who cares?
3) You want your money back?
4) If you were as great as I am, you would see the greatness I see.
5) All of the above.

This is one of the first pieces of unintelligible abstraction that I actually like. Though the fact that I made it myself (pushed the buttons) makes me suspicious that I'm not being objective. But I often dislike my own work, and since I made this several months ago and still like it, I am fairly confident that there's something worthwhile in it.

You can fool yourself some of the time, but you can't fool yourself all of the time.

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