A Better Mars

All the images here started out as fractals from Inkblot Kaos, were then modified with India Ink.8bf (black engraving texture), and then modified with various filters for coloring and distortion effects. The text and all the filtering was done in XnView running on WINE in Linux. Come to think of it, they're all Windows programs running with WINE (a Windows emulator, or something) on Linux - Ubuntu, or actually more like Xubuntu, if you're interested.


Actually, although I'm sure most of you couldn't care less, the fonts are Windows fonts too! But really, they're not "Windows" anything. They're just applications that "use" the Microsoft Windows platform. If I build my own car and drive it down Acme Incorporated's road, is it an Acme Inc. car? So if I use the WINE windows emulator to run "Windows" programs, aren't they now Linux programs? But it all ends up on the internet and viewed through a web browser, which is fast becoming it's own, html-based platform, isn't it? It's all like some kind of cosmopolitan bazaar where everything is a cultural hybrid with several different roots, or no roots at all...


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