Long Twisted Tale of Titles

I see something

I think I've renamed my blog about 10 times over the past two weeks. It started, two and a half years ago, as Fractal Beanstalk; the idea being that fractals, a type of Generative Art, start from tiny seed-like formulas and grow into enormous things that one can explore.

But fractals are just part of what I post about now, the essence of which is really Generative Art. Generative Art is the common denominator.

It's getting clearer

So I stuck that in the title of my blog. Or sub-title. Then I called it, Art From New Places.

Art From New Places is a good one; it really captures the essence of Generative Art, that it's a new source of imagery and not just yet another "-ism" in the art world. But ...it's too long and also, more importantly, it doesn't capture the essence of the whole blog, just the pictures.

Darker, but stronger

Test Tube Tales: now we've got the writing -the words- in there and also the experimental, freaky side of things that Generative Art is full of. But ...it's not really a sci-fi pulp publication and what about the simple strings of words I like to sometimes post; they're not really what I'd call a tale.

Alright. Gravel Writing. Gravel is nice and ambiguous; natural and fragmented; and a lot of my images have a rough, gravelly look to them. The writing thing is there too. But ..."writing" sounds too professional. Am I a "Writer"? But I still love the concept (and image) of crushed stone fragments.

Smooth. Not bad.

Gravelcloud! I used that as a title to a post recently. Good, rich imagery; and I like the combination of gravel and cloud which are two very inclusive and general types of images. Maybe I'll keep this one.

Nope. I came to realize that the better titles were the ones that focused in on the essence of the blog. It's not just Generative Art, and it's not just writing; it's a process, like I say in the sidebar (or did I change that?), of browsing the images I've made recently and then getting an idea from one to write something.

Uh oh. It's getting away on me.

But these are all nice ones:
Picture Cave
Radio Cave
Graphic Smasher
Savage Ferocity
Pixel Lab
Pixel Smasher
Picture Teller
Picture Words

I settled on Picture Teller (I'm pretty sure, this time) because of it's play on the name, Story Teller. The pictures tell the story; which is really what the common denominator here is: there's no "writing" and there's no "art"; just words and pictures.

Yeah. I never thought of that. Words and Pictures. Just words and just pictures - draw your own conclusions, ha, ha. "Words and Pictures" sounds even better than Picture Teller.

Alright then. It's "Words and Pictures" from here on in.

Indistinct is like a blank page - waiting, and full of potential

What's the big deal about the title? I used to think it was about the audience, or visitors, rather. "Audience" sounds like a whole bunch of people expecting something great. On the internet it's all visitors: a busy marketplace with people walking by on the way to somewhere else - easily distracted -yes, but also easily distracted -again.

The title is actually for me. It's a strange sort of mission statement or company slogan/motto. It's a vision of what could be, and if that vision is well articulated (you only have two or three words to do it with) then it contributes an enormous amount of momentum to ones creativity. Or maybe it's just me.

No, that's no good either. "Crash Scene", I like that. The name says it all and sums up all the fun with Generative Art: never knowing what it's going to look like or where it's going to stop. I don't care what this one means, I just like it.

In the world of art, staying on the road takes hard work and skill. Going off the road however; requires talent and inspiration.

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