Demography starts with counting, but it ends with wild tales.

Listen. Let me tell you about the houses. They all look the same, but something is different. Two houses cannot occupy the same place and thus begins, in a small way, the difference - the tales.

One man leaves his house and travels all over the world. Another man stays home thinking, always thinking. He reads the book the traveller is hoping to write. He arrives in each new city ahead of the traveller, jumps, leaps to the next destination.

The traveller returns home, late and short of money, but full of stories. The other man is polite, but tells him honestly, I know all that. What you say was written a hundred years ago.

I have not surfed the net, I have climbed upon the shoulders of a thousand lifetimes. Tell me if you have seen what I saw. But you have circled the world without a thought. I have cracked open that thought and found the world.

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