Lookin' Great in Two Thousand and Eight

It's amazing how those two words, "Great" and "Eight" with such very different spellings can actually rhyme. And that's the way it often is with webpage designs; it's amazing what looks good together once you actually try it.

The Silent Star Award

Sometimes you have to see an example before you get inspired. For my current Fractal Beanstalk redesign (which may have changed, yet again, if you're reading this from the archives a year from now) of white page with grey sidebars and black strip across the top, I was inspired by a Wordpress template called, unsleepable designed by Ben Gray.

I didn't use the actual template but just took the general design and color scheme. Yes, black, white and gray is a color scheme. I'd been of somewhat half a mind to do something with my old design which was all black with white text. It was great for images (the black page background), but the text being white "ink" on black "paper" never gave me a good feeling like plain old black text on a white page does.

Of course I'd tried similar simple greyscale designs before, but they just looked too boring although they really provided a nice neutral background that made the images in a blog posting stand out nicely. So I was very excited when I stumbled across Ben Gray's, "unsleepable" design because it's the sort of minimalist grayscale design I had always been trying to make.

What else...

The more I "blog" the less I care about what the layout or template of my blog looks like. All I really want is a design that doesn't interfere with the postings -- that doesn't interfere with the blogging. The problem of course is that minimal designs are actually just as hard to make (good ones, that is) as complicated, ornate ones are.

Save yourself some time and effort and browse around the internet and steal something that looks good. That's probably how all the good designs got started anyhow.

Thanks Ben. The lost sleep was worth it!

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