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Fresh-made Rothko

These days, you could find yourself travelling half-way around the world in a few hours. And in the world of art: a couple clicks and you could find yourself in the Louvre. That's the reality of our tiny, modern world: technology takes our little feet and straps jet engines on them.

Unfortunately, there are no licensing requirements for these turbine-powered, photoshop filters. The accidents will continue. He's my latest attempt to land safely in the Louvre.

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Stone of Mystery!

Look at it. Stare into it.

Learn it's mysteries --if you dare!

Stop! Stop!
Your mind is in its icy grip!
Run, you fool!
The Stone of Mystery will DESTROY YOU!!!
Your puny brain can not survive its thunderous torrent of KNOWLEDGE!!!
(sung to the tune of, "Here Comes Santa Claus")

Could this be the innocent precursor of... The Stone of Mystery?

I started with an old record cover I found at; India Inked it, double resized it and wheeled it into the ever promising, and soon to be famous, block wave filter from digiKam's showFoto. Then I cropped out a piece of it that looked great at the time, but which I have since deleted. This was then distorted several ways to produce something that looked like a Mayan temple painted pink and sitting in a snowstorm, which I then deliberately saved as a black and white, two-color file, for some reason.

Upon noticing the fine, intricate lines it had just then acquired, I returned to the block wave filter (the roulette wheel of f…



Click-ism: a Manifesto

I've been reading a book about various "-isms" in the art world. Eagerly wanting to follow in the footsteps of those great, outspoken artists of the past and to contribute something new and personal to the exciting pursuit of labels and the ever teetering tower of human achievements, I propose... Clickism.

First rule is: Mouse clicks only.

Second rule is: Start with any kind of image you like, but when you get finished the result should bear no resemblance to the original and in fact, can only be connected to it, with some doubt and lingering uncertainty, by careful DNA testing.

Third rule is: One level of undo, only. Clickism is forward thinking and reflects the relentless progress of technology which refuses to admit mistakes but rather sees them as a challenge and attempts to correct them with more clicking.

Fourth rule is: Stay lazy. Sure you can open your image up in a graphics program and start masking and layering and all that sort of artist stuff, but "painti…

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