A New Dark Age

If most of the great works of art are depictions of natural things like landscapes and human forms, then shouldn't we expect digital imagery which creates an new kind of natural thing, like fractal formulas, to have the same depth and richness and artistic potential?

While there may have been some minor developments in the technology involived in painting during the Renaissance, the great artwork of that era came about because of changes in how people thought and how that thinking influenced their painting. Is Digital Art stagnating, not because it lacks new tools, but because of our own medieval thinking that causes us to look backward and take our cue from what has been, instead of taking our cue from what could be?

If someone with real artistic talent and a little bit of an education had creative tools like the ones we have now, wouldn't they have posted something somewhere on the internet and wouldn't it be fairly easy to find since even second-rate art, especially when it's easily accessible, is hard not to talk about and point out to others?

When my own work becomes the best thing I've seen lately, then I'm either becoming blinded by egotism or living in what can best be described as a new dark age.

Tim Hodkinson

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