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Bubble Ships

After playing around with Fyre for a week (no pun intended...), I've discovered that, like most creative programs (ie. they automatically make things) Fyre's creative abilities are focussed on just a few options. You could almost say that it's like a pyramid, where 80% of the menu options are there because they're logical variations on the program's main creative theme, but only a small group are what you end up working with.

I think these Bubble Ship, glass-eggs-in-a-kerchief, formation have some technical name because they all have similar structural characteristics. There's another one that keeps popping up that looks like one of those square pillows that people put on their couches for decoration.

There are some very algorithmically appealing features in Fyre. The main one is the Random Parameters (Ctrl+R) button which is my all-time favorite when it comes to computer graphics. If the program utilizes a concept or mathematical function (ie. "thing&qu…

Fyre 1.0.1

Alright now, before you get all excited and rush out to download this great program... it's only for Linux. Sorry. Once again, you lose. Too bad there isn't some emulator that will allow Linux programs to run on Windows.

It looks a bit like flame fractals, like from Apophysis, but in gray scale. The more I look at them, I would say they most closely resemble finely-shaded, pencil drawings. Usually they're just squiggles, but occasionally the program makes one that looks like a glass-walled chamber dissolving into wisps of smoke.

Or Spirograph revisted. If you run this program for very long, you'll see there's a lot of repetition. But it's fast and simple to use, so it doesn't take long before you've gone through a hundred more and found something interesting.

You can change the "paper" color and you can change the "pencil" color. Grey on white seems to be just perfect, though. Naturally I worked a few over in my graphics progra…

Das Kafig des Dr. Caligari

The cages of Dr. Caligari.

No, I haven't seen the movie. I wish I could have. I've wanted to see this movie for a long time, but all I've managed to see is some stills from it, and they look great.

Anyhow, I think Dr. Caligari does something bad, and there's a lot of shadowy and boldly painted backdrops in the movie, that is, according to my limited knowledge and helpful imagination. So when I saw these images, I immediately thought of this wonderful film that I've never actually seen.

There are levels of understanding to things like books, movies and even music. The first level involves only the title. What does the title tell you? What does it say about the work?

parameter file

Is it better sometimes to stop at the title and not go any further? If the title is great and triggers music in your mind, then that's a tough act to follow and maybe the fire that the title started will be smothered by the rest of the book, or movie... or blog posting.


Portrait of the Artist a frothing mound of self-indulgence, rendering himself virtually blind and senseless.

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The secret home of garlic

One of the most exciting experiences of my life was taking apart a plastic model kit of the Apollo Command Module built by my brother a few years previously. He must have followed the instructions perfectly because as I began to move through each of the compartments of the model (sometimes with a pair of pliers), I would uncover completely assembled and fully equipped rooms complete with astronauts.

What made it so enticing was the element of surprise and discovery. It was the King Tut's tomb of my time. Each doorway I tore off or cut through revealed another hidden sanctum, sealed off for thousands of years.

parameter file

Finally I got to the interior compartment where there were numerous cables and pipes, some covered with gluey fingerprints. What was the purpose of incorporating such details into a part of a plastic model kit that was going to be enclosed and unseen? Even though I was rather young at the time, I wondered why a model kit would be made so realistica…

Electric Cabbage

I have wanted nothing else
but to release the machine
from its stall

I have told it
you are better than the others
faster than the others,
they paint with sticks
and they talk like fools

Sure, a lot of it's junk
but there's a thousand sides
to a sheet of digital paper
and the machine is never discouraged

Batting one in a million
to an empty stadium
the machine is still a star

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De la Huerta

Spanish isn't one of my strong points, but I think it means from the Huerta. Huerta being the orange orchards (or something very similar) that were started by the Moors in parts of Spain and have continued on (I think) to this day.

Actually, all I know is what I saw while looking out the window of the train once when travelling through the area around Valencia about 20 years ago. And what I read in James Michener's book, Iberia. White buildings dropped here and there, and in between, lots of slender orange trees carefully arranged in a grid pattern and framed by narrow, dirt trails.

The image here is something that started out as a fractal and was then chewed and distorted by multicrystal.8bf, then "influenced" by a few other color effects filters. The strange and communal geneology of the landscape is repeated in the labyrinthine paths of photoshop filtering.

A chorus of nations and nationals combed the land and designed it's open architecture.
I worked the fiel…