I walked with Warhol

Hey, how about it? Is this the Campbell Soup Cans of fractals or what?

Anyhow, Andy told me, and no one else knows this, that he's taken all his talent and everything he's ever learned about art and put it into a single photoshop filter.

And he gave it to me, on a diskette.

I'd post it for download, but I promised I wouldn't, or else I'd lose all my super-powers.

A long time ago when I was in university I wanted to learn Spanish because I was going to go to Mexico for two months in the summer. Being exceptionally lazy when it comes to learning languages, or anything else mathematical, I checked out, started to study, and gave up on, a number of Spanish grammars.

I was in the public library looking for a different kind of Spanish textbook when I found a hardcover one with no dust jacket from the 1950's illustrated with small line art drawings. Each little ink sketch was signed, "A. Warhola."

I laughed. It had to be Andy Warhol. In fact, I figured he was a little embarassed with putting his real name on these trivial illustrations so he contemptously wrote his last name "Warhola."

Years later, when I began to read about things, I was surprised to find out that Warhola was actually his real name from the beginning, and he dropped the "a" off the end later on so it wouldn't sound so...

I never finished reading the book about Andy Warhol. I don't know what the reason was. A lot of people have altered their names to make them sound more or less of something. I'll bet there's even been someone with the last name Warhol who's added an "a" and changed it to Warhola.

Here's the original before "warholization" occurred, made in Inkblot Kaos.

Download parameter file "fan23.ink"

Which is better? The Warhol or the Warhola?

Actually, the effect is just the uscomic.8bf thing with the darkness slider moved to the lighter end of the range, the image inverted and the hue moved about half way around the spectrum. But maybe that's all Andy Warhol ever did when he made his famous stuff.

Of course he would have had to do it the hard, old-fashioned way.

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