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I've been spending alot of time in my garbage can lately.

Never before has it been such a delight to retieve stuff I thought was worthless, even the things stuck to the bottom of the can. I feed them into the uscomic.8bf machine and out comes instant Strange Tales and Journey into Mystery 1960's vintage comic book imagery.

Not only that, part of the process reduces the image to only 8 colors which makes for bright and solid indexed pngs with file sizes as small as the prices on old comic books. (They used to sell for 10 or 12 cents in the early 60s.)

Of course it's not art or anything like that. Are comic books literature?

In keeping with my cheap, economical ways, I've been using a program called XnView. It's just one of those free image viewers that allows you to browse directories of images by creating a bunch of thumbnails.

It also had a few "effects" with it. Nothing special, just versions of common things like oil painting and the shakey shifty smud…

The other machine

It sits there, quietly. Unused but waiting.

Sometimes while working on the fractal machine, I look over at it. Our eyes meet. I say nothing and return to the fractal machine.

Before I discovered fractals my hobby was making seamless background tiles and web graphics in my graphics progam.

I made thousands, maybe ten thousand tiles. It was a lot of fun taking any kind of image and working it over with filters and effects then hitting the "make seamless" filter.

I used the GIMP because it's the most graphics program you can get for free. Photoshop probably has more capabilities but I couldn't justify paying that much for something that was just a hobby.

I'm not trying to boast or anything, but when you make ten thousand unique background tiles over the course of three years, working for a couple of hours every evening, you aquire some familiarity with your graphics machine. If I had practiced the piano or guitar that much, I'd be a reasonably good musician. A…

Tugando: the dancing fractal bear

Download parameter file "bear01.loo"

Where is the music? What is the music?

It must be jumpy and fast; look at the way he's dancing.

Check out the shoes: He's a stylish fellow.

And that strange flowing white stripe, like a flame, a scarf unfurling from his brain.

Hey, he's got two heads.


In another place,
in another plane,
he would not be a bear

He would be some royal seal
an emblem, rich and strong
glowing with tradition and history,
and dignity that never really was

I'd better leave now,
Both his heads are looking at me.
And the music has stopped.

Pencil Legs

Download parameter file ""

Who are the pencil legs?
They are.
Leaving lines where they go
Writing on rooftops
Speaking on the street

I've seen them on the sidewalk
their polished feet printing
their published footprinting
skating hieroglyphic
soliloquy on cement

Download parameter file ""

Morning comes,
I see the feet
tapping and scratching
eager to speak