'V' is for Fractal

Download parameter file "v02.ink"

I haven't seen the movie, but I really liked the poster art. I find the best movies have the worst posters, and vice versa.

Download parameter file "v03.ink"

Can't you feel that subtle, 1930's style cinematic shadow brooding atmospheric dramatic thing? It's the colors, mainly.

Download parameter file "v01.ink"

The colors are very subtle and I find the images don't look so hot when I first start up my monitor. So if you think this stuff looks like junk, maybe it does.

The image just above is the 2nd order Phoenix formula; one of the built in ones. I find it's shape quite intriguing sometimes, like here.

Here it resembles the anvil-shaped thundercloud of a summer thunderstorm: complex, electrified and alive.

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