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Or call it a fractal generator.

What is a fractal anyway? It's something you look at.

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The math is interesting, but how often do you see a fractal formula with a frame around it?

Fractals are the fireworks of math. Just for show.

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The fractal images that have deep meaning, and are often displayed as diagrams, are ugly. They are never stolen or deep-linked.

Displayed for medicinal reasons. For anatomical study.

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Music is the better noise; art is the better trash. Art is the garbage we admire and take into our homes. We put a frame around it so no one will throw it out or ask, "Are you keeping this for something?"

Someday a flying saucer will land in the street and an alien will walk out into our house, and look at the art on the wall and say, "Wow! That is really something."

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We change a formula. We generate the image. Art happens. We wonder why.

That's all it does: make pictures.

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Computers are blind; they don't know what they're making. They don't see what they're doing. That's where where we come in. If it were not for us, computers would throw everything away.

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We do their dirty work. We get into the garbage can and salvage the good stuff. "Whoa! Why'd you throw this one away? You Pentium pinhead!"

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