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Never blinking.

Crazed, but in a pleasant, stylish way.

Do not ask what this mutant can do for you, but what you can do for this mutant.

Fiber optic bandwidth flood; brain the size of a walnut.

Seeing, seeing, no time to comment.

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It's awfully busy, but when you ask a question it looks at you. Looks at you. Looks at you.

The time is coming when it will speak, when everything it has seen will be summarized in a few short lines.

The Utterance. Wait for it. It won't be anything philosophical or nothing, but it's sure to be freaky and funny too, like, "You humans! You are stupid! stupid! stupid!"

Download parameter file "eye03.ink"

I love that line. Arrogant aliens criticising the whole world and all they can do is call us stupid.

We know that! Give us the secret for room temperature fusion or super conductivity.

It's stupid calling us stupid, even if it is true.

But that's the problem with sci-fi movies, the aliens are always played by us earthlings: and they're stupid, but colorful.

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