Fractal Hides

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Sometimes just saving a fractal is not enough and I want to shoot it, skin it and nail it to the wall in the living room.

Let me tell you of my days as a young hunter up north.

I was around 8 years old at the time. We lived on the edge of town, like most people did, in this pulp and paper town of several thousand in Northwestern Ontario.

The forest, or "bush" as we called it, was where we seemed to gravitate. We made bows and arrows out of small trees or branches; built forts and other sorts of Huckleberry Finn things.

Finding something to hunt was a little more difficult than just making a bow and arrow. If the trees were as mobile as the wildlife we would never even have been able to make the bows and arrows.

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Most young boys make noise and that scares everything off, so I moved away from my noisy friends and soon saw something moving under some thick spruce trees just off the trail.

It was a partridge, something like a wild chicken. It could run away faster than I could follow it so I had to just take a shot and see if I could hit it.

The bow and the arrow were both made by me with my jacknife. Although they were primitive weapons, I knew they could be dangerous because me and my friends once shot arrows at each other and quickly found out they weren't toys.

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I hit the partridge right in the chest, almost a perfect shot. The arrow bounced off and lay on the ground. The poor bird ran off completely unhurt and flew away when it reached a clearing. My friends wouldn't even believe that I saw a partridge, much less hit it with an arrow.

The bow wasn't strong enough and the arrow was too dull, but I knew that those things were easy to fix. My older brother had a fiberglass bow that would sink store bought arrows an inch or two into a tree. Finding the animal and hitting it with the arrow was the hardest part.

So as far as I was concerned, I was a real hunter now and although I never hunted anything after that, (because it's more fun to just walk around and look at things) I felt confident I had earned my entrance to the ancient tribe of hunters.

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