Starboat and Spearhorse

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I don't know, it looks like a crude, stone spear head and for some reason it also looks like the head of a horse seen from above.

There's something eerie and surreal about it and those weird green dots that seem to be part of the coloring filter.


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I find this such a creative image. The swirls look like some kind of a wake behind the woven reed boat that seems to become a star.

Fractals are always surprising, just like going for a hike in some place you've never been before. There's always something new.


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Just look at the detail and the schlocky imitation oil painting look here. The stalks can really produce some dramatic movement sometimes.

This is a Phoenix julia; something I thought I had done to death... but surprise; more excitement.

Something Chewy

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The edible island. I like the colors. Sometimes I think all you need to make something interesting to look at is just the right color; it doesn't matter what it is, but an interesting object can help.

Fractals are more far out than Star Trek. Pho-ton torpedoes, light-speed space travel, beaming people up and down; those things are all fairly tame.

But what are these strange drawing machines? From simple equations grow incredible things. I can understand why some people don't know where to put them in the artistic spectrum.

They are the infra-red and ultraviolet of vision. What is the edge, the horizon of seeing? That's where you find them. Beyond that is nothing. The Land's End of looking.

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