Fractal Mangrove

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I read somewhere that the circle was one of the most common design elements worldwide, and often used symbolically.

It's interesting really, because there are so few naturally occurring circular things, except for the Moon and the Sun, of course.

Maybe that's the reason: They symbolize perfect and non-earthly things.

Man, I can be really stupid sometimes.

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Reminds me of the time I took a non-calculus physics course. I got involved in asking some question and in the process of answering it, the professor asked me what was the size of the area UNDER the line on the graph.

I kept giving the wrong answer because in my super intelligent view of things, I considered the up and down axis to be just as much underneath as the side to side one.

I'm sure Einstein has moments like that too.

Anyhow, I like the way so many fractal formulas end up rendered as circular images. It makes for a very nice frame and a type of instant art that doesn't even require zooming.

They look a bit like an image through a telescope or microscope or maybe the port hole of a ship. Or the periscope of a submarine.

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A curved line is complicated. But a circle is an extremely curved line and yet it's simple.

Would you rather be an astronaut or an astronomer? It's not that easy to answer. Which one is the artist?

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