Fractal Basketweaving

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Who would ever have expected rattan furniture in a place like this?

Actually, I shouldn't say furniture, it's more like your usual fractal fungal growth with the appearance of something familiar.

bbLean. It's a shell replacement for Windows, modelled on the black box shell made for Linux, or Unix or *nix or something like that. It allows you to customize your Start, Quick Launch, Taskbar, Clock and other things that you use on the Windows desktop or use to access and run programs on your computer.

If you don't care what your desktop looks like or aren't really interested in tweaking the interface then you probably won't want to bother with this...

But it's almost a new artform. Or the extension of Decorative Art (it's a respected category) into the digital world.

You can change the style of your taskbar (thing at the bottom with the Start button and the window labels) and all the other basic things that frame stuff. It's similar to customizing paper stationery or a design of a webpage.

Download parameter file ""

Anyhow, it's quite interesting seeing all the different desktop styles that people have come up with; some of them are very creative and show a real flair for decorative design.

Functional is a key word here. What you eventually end up using for your desktop look or whether you even bother to change your shell from the standard Windows one (explorer.exe) depends on whether you are able to find something useful in all of this.

I think having an appealing look to one's work environment adds something to what is produced there. A new shell like bbLean can also make it easier to use your computer by allowing you to bring your tools to within shorter reach and at the same time move the less commonly used stuff out of the way.

One thing that I see in all this is that the Windows operating system would benefit greatly from the creative input that comes along with making sourcecode open and available to anyone who wants to add or improve it.

bbLean is just a crumb off Linux's table, which I think must show how much more advanced and enhanced the Linux environment must be. The only reason I use Windows anymore is because that's the only way to access the many programs like InkBlot Kaos which were written for the Windows platform. That's the only thing that keeps Windows in business today.

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