Victorian Florian Fractals

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For those of you who have just joined us, the blog is now anchored off Inkblot Kaos Island.

Old maps and rumours brought me here. As Long John Silver often said, "You'll only find dirt, diggin' where others have dug!"

Which for me raises a question, "Why after all these years, should fractal programs like Sterlingware, Xaos and now, Inkblot Kaos remain so relatively untouched that someone like me can find treasure after only an hour of coming ashore?"

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While fractal software has reached a state of advanced development, I think the artform is still in its frontier days or dark ages (frontier sounds more upbeat).

We ought to be driving down paved roads and looking at street signs and billboards, but instead we are more like conquistadors stumbling on cities of gold or explorers eating strange fruit.

I was reading some very enlightening information on the technical aspects of fractal programs by Damien Jones at his fractal website, I understand Ultra Fractal and Sterlingware much better now.

Stop me if I'm wrong, but Ultra Fractal is not really a fractal program at all, it's a processor, an efficient, sleekly designed, platform which empowers or facilitates the instructions fed to it by the user.

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It comes with no built in formulas or rendering methods or coloring things (well, maybe it does, but not like other programs). It's like what open architecture is to computers: modular and extensible.

It's a facilitator, an enabler, a processor, an engine uniquely designed for fractal art, where creativity extends not just to making new images but also the formulas, rendering methods and coloring methods themselves. Users don't just make imagery, they make the program too.

UF is just the hub that brings all these customizable inputs together and makes them happen. It's a different way of making fractals, allowing the user to program the program.

The thing which allows you to input your own formulas, translates them, or something, into pentium assembler code which is like grafting or merging it right into the progam's own flesh and bones allowing you to...

It's like Frankenstein! Ultra Fractal is the torso of Frankenstein and the users stick on and swap legs, arms, feet and, and, and, brains even (formulas).

I'm not saying it's a monster; smashing through walls, kicking down doors, setting fire to homes, terrifying whole villages, leaving the women and children shaking with fear while the men march off as an angry mob armed with pitchforks and torches to kill and destroy something they don't understand and never asked to be born. That's nuts.

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It's a new category of fractal software design. UF is the screwdriver handle that the user sticks their own custom made bits into. Combinations and permutations unlimited! Or limited, rather, only by the user's ability to craft new add-ons or aquire them from a growing public library.


I couldn't get it to make stuff like this, so I'm sticking with Inkblot Kaos.

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