Spring in fractal land

Time for a drive in the country...

Download parameter file "bug01.zar"

Next to the joy of seeing some really exotic insect fluttering around a light bulb outside on a summer's evening, is the thrill of checking out the crushed bugs on the car's radiator grill after a long drive.

That's the first thing that hit me (no pun intended) when I saw this poor mandelbrot beetle on the radiator of my fractal truck.

In the same way as the Amazon rainforest has been invaded with logging trucks and the crude ways of industry, so to has fractal land fallen beneath the crushing tires of greedy souvenier hounds and well meaning people like myself.

Let me tell you about the creature that came to dinner one night in Trinidad, down in the Caribbean.

Download parameter file "moth01.zar"

We were visiting the grandmother of my wife's friend down in the southern, rural part of the island. The house was at the top of a forested hill. It was dark now and we were eating in an upstairs room with a large window.

It's not uncommon down there for windows not to have screens, as this window didn't. There was also a single bright light on the wall near the table. The walls were painted white.

Does this sound like a great way to catch flying insects at night? Strangely enough, we were not being bothered by anything as we ate dhall, rice and bhagi (yellow split pea, rice and spinach).

I thought it was a bird. It sounded like a mini-helicopter as it hit the wall and landed on the table beside my plate.

Although I am a rugged man, the sudden appearance of this flying lobster sprawled across the table startled me. I think it was my wife's friend who belted it first. She'd been here to visit her grandmother often.

The creature was barely stunned and took off briefly, crashing behind my chair. Regaining my courageous northern character, I stepped on it. On some of it.

Download parameter file "mandel01.zar"

My wife's friend beat him a few more times with a rolled up magazine my wife gave her. Me being the closest, and having the largest feet, I moved in like a matador to deliver the coup de grace with my shoed foot.

Clearly dead, or at least neutralized, we began to wonder what kind of insect he was. My wife's friend, being a science major, could have identified him but he was too badly thrashed.

Tossed out the window, he was large enough to make an audible noise when he hit the ground.

There were bats in our bedroom and a large frog who came to visit. I slept okay that night because they told me there were never any snakes around at this time of year.

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