He laughed until,

...a door in his head opened and a signal shot out, relayed by satellite to all his friends.

Download parameter file "beetle05.ink"

I don't know why, but this image just says, "Poster" to me.

I used to scrounge images off the internet to make seamless tiles using a kaliedoscope filter. I began to realize that the best kaliedoscope images came from any kind of image that had an interesting color scheme.

I focused on vintage posters because they were non-photographic and made a great source of color blocks and lines.

Many of them were advertizements, meant to be glued to walls or hung up in businesses. It was an advertising format that, while still around, particularly in travel agencies, is not so common today.

Anyhow, this image reminds me of some of them; bright, simplistic, but artistically interesting enough that people will keep them on display for decorative reasons and thereby broadcast the message of the advertisers.

Who knows what the final impression will be of an image as the picture bounces around in our brains, resonating deeply with the thoughts it connects with and harmonizing with the ones it contrasts.

Perception is such a funny thing; ten people look at one picture and each one sees something different; distorted and colored by their thick lens of personal experience or emotional baggage.


...do we all see exactly the same thing, reflected perfectly on the mirror of the mind which is still unchanged since the time it was made, that is, before we were even born, but each of us, expressing it uniquely, as if with a different language, shattering the possibility of discovering that we have anything in common with anyone else, as in the way the Tower of Babel scattered the collective efforts of humanity, returning the great mosaic of human accomplishment to a heap of fragments dispersed in a herd of tiny, silent minds.

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