Freak me green

Download parameter file ""

That's what I said when I made this in Inkblot Kaos 2.9.

It's another program I'm rediscovering, just like Tierazon.

Written by Stephen Ferguson, who wrote Sterlingware and Tierazon and also the java applet that made the green flowery thing up in the top left corner of this page.

Download parameter file ""

Inkblot Kaos can be downloaded from the same place as Sterlingware and Tierazon as part of the same miniscule admission price of $25 USD.

What caught my eye was the coloring style. It's just very easy to make interesting color with this program.

There's not too many formulas, but it has a formula editor just like Tierazon (infact I think it's the same one).

Download parameter file ""

I got a real thrill out of making my own formulas. It just opens up a whole new dimension to fractals. I got an even bigger thrill when I found a bunch of formulas on the internet written by someone who understands math.

Sometimes I think I'm lazy and greedy for using machines to make stuff and always scavenging for more instead of making it all myself, by hand. Sometimes I think I need a new word to describe myself.

Fractal programming is a very complicated and challenging thing. More so than the fractal mathematics that it attempts to render.

It's the rendering that makes fractal programs each unique. The mathematical skeleton is just the start for the processing that creates the final image. They all have different ways of putting flesh on the bones.

Download parameter file ""

Inkblot has a real retro, sci-fi look to it. Actually, in many images the rendering resembles the layered ink printing of four-color comic books. Maybe that's where the name comes from.

Anti-aliasing. It doesn't do it. But you know what I discovered? Anti-aliasing is just scaling or resizing and you can do that in any graphics program or utility like an image viewer. I used XnView and got my choice of resizing algorithms; Mitchell works best, I think.

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