Fractal Stiltskin

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I failed grade 11 Math, but I did alright in the other stuff. It's funny because fractal formulas seem to be more about the other stuff than Math.

The trigonometry means nothing. Give the program a poem and it draws a picture.

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They've always wanted to do this. For centuries mathematics dreamed of the theater, the stage and the circus.

Who spotted the hidden talent of math? Who saw them trying to dig under the fencing of their cage and let them out?

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Bored with rocket science, math wanted to join the circus, or just run through the world.

Straw into gold. What else describes the transmutation of grey numbers into dreamlike fractal worlds?

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Anyone can do it. That's strange, because up to a few years ago no one could. Artists copy, but fractals create.

Exponents are the exclamation marks of fractal poetry. Other than that, who knows what fantastic foliage will grow from the poetic engineering of fractal genes.

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I think fractals are old fashioned; they like formulas that rhyme:

Fractals are the rebellion of math. Math has grown up, done its military service and finished school. Now it wants to grow its hair long, ride a motorcycle and chase the horizon. When it runs out of money for gas it will join a commune, give itself a neon name and rediscover agriculture.

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