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In Sergio Leone's masterpiece, The Good The Bad and the Ugly, Eli Walach (aka Tuco, the Rat) says to Clint Eastwood, "There are two kinds of spurs in this world, my friend. Those that come in through the door, and those that come in throught the window!"

Well, there are two kinds of website people. Those who are satisfied with a design that works and those who want to keep revising it.

I'm of the latter kind, if you know what "latter" refers to. I'm trying to become like the former and concentrate on the content rather than the way it's displayed.

A few days ago I went back and read some of my archives saved from when I still had the standard two column blog format. That looks better, I thought.

Of course that's exactly the opposite of what I thought when I switched to the current one column format.

I don't know why, but the two column thing just seemed more energetic and inspiring and functional. Which is just what I said when I dumped it in favour of the current style.

Download parameter file "shreddy03.zar"

I then began to come up with a redesigned blog style. Why doesn't everyone do this every three months? Don't they care?

After 15 minutes of fiddling with the style sheet and rediscovering how exactly two separate columns are made with a style sheet (float: right/left) I asked myself if I really wanted to give up several hours of creative time moving around the virtual furniture of my internet living room. Did I?


So I'm sticking with this single column layout because it's no longer as much fun to rewrite a style sheet as it is to write a new post.

For those of you who are contemplating a major blog renovation project, I suggest you just pick a plain template with neutral colors and get back to posting. It's the words and pictures that are important, not the frame.

Well, forget all that. I've gone and redesigned it anyhow. Maybe the frame is important. I wonder how much writing has been inspired by a nice pen or a crisp piece of paper, or a comfortable chair, or a nice view out the window, or the page design of a blog... What a mysterious thing the human mind is.

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