Tierazon Radio

Why do so many fractal programs have hyphens and funky capitalization in their titles?

Download parameter file "radio01.zar"

Well, not in my blog they don't, not in Fractal Bean-StaLK. It means I have to look for the hyphen key when I'm typing and double-check the capitals. I'd like to overhaul spelling in the whole English language too.

Anyhow, I just love the waffle coloring setting (#2) in Tierazon 1.7. It's such a versatile pattern. It's not unlike the system of dots used to produce B&W newspaper photos and has similarly interesting effects when scaled.

I upped the Bay Factor settings in the fractal parameters from the default of 1 to 3. But really, isn't this radio thing here pretty freaky? Sometimes I think fractal formulas could be used to produce designs for real things.

The big change is from increasing the Stalks and Bubbles from 0.08 to 0.8. This is what made for the big round, expanded mesh thing at the back of the radio.

The filter is #40, x-ray Bubbles and the formula is a Polynomial, #95, z*z*z*z/t1+c.

The formula is important because Tierazon allows you to make up your own formulas. I did the one just below from this humble formula: z*z*z/2+c.

Download parameter file "radio02.zar"

Mayan television. I wish I could stick a flag in it and claim it for my kingdom in perpetuity, but I'm sure it's already been discovered. I can't imagine venturing into uncharted waters on my first day in the fractal formula sailboat.

How about this Fractal Wurlitzer? Tierazon is really fantastic, turning mouse-clicks into gold.

Download parameter file "pillar01.zar"

There's a whole island of fractal appliances out there for the taking. But watch out for Long John Silver. And for me too...

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