Download parameter file "sudz01.zar"

Think of it as fractal froth. Something skimmed off and tossed. adj. 1. of no direct relevance; a by-product of mathematical calculation; a far-out domain, eg.(OE) "let's go to sudzy-ville".

In Xaos, the Barnsley formulas when done in Mandelbrot mode using squares in-coloring and the edge detection filter, would produce this shattered, fish-net sky that when zoomed into had all sorts of interesting currents and eddies of what is really not part of the fractal formula at all but is just something produced by the rendering method of the program, artificial and un-fractual and should have been rendered as empty space.

Download parameter file "sudz02.zar"

I'm not really interested in fractals, I'm just looking around for interesting things.

What is a fractal? To me it's the seeds that grow into wild digital domains. Jack's digital beanstalk -and you get to keep the cow.

We came up here to ponder mathematics? I came up here to plunder mathematics.

Download parameter file "sudz03.zar"

I started to read about fractals and chaos in a book by James Gleick. Very interesting, although somewhat challenging intellectually. However, not really important for the making of fractal art.

Fractals are unique in digital art because they have such freaky, theoretical foundations. Fractal programs do more than make pretty pictures. Mathematical theory made flesh. Not too long ago this was the exclusive domain of dreams and visions.

Download parameter file "sudz04.zar"

Infinity in a grain of sand, or something like that. Only the mathematicians see that. We just see a pretty picture, overflowing here and there, with sudz.

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