Fractals in Space

Or, Mandelbrot Pilots and the Bubbleships from the Unknown.

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Forgive me for handing out weblinks and talking like a normal blog but variety can be a good thing and I stumbled on a really great blog/e-column/website yesterday.

I forget what it was...

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Just joking, Digital Rising is a fairly newish blog (5 posts but spread over several months) but looks to be a real goldmine for people interested in Digital Art in the context of other artforms.

I don't know much about the guy (Bruce Price) who writes it, but from looking at the material, he is a good artist (dedicated, talented) and also a good writer.

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I don't really need to say much more since this is the internet and you can click on the link and check it out for yourselves, but here's a few thoughts.

This is a guy who is excited about what computers can create. I'm talking here about artwork (or imagery if you prefer not to use the "art" word) that is made with computer programs and not merely converted into a digital format like digital photography is.

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Digital photography is just Photography in digital form, but my fractal images here are "photographs" of digitally created content. Digitally-made not digitally stored. Digitally indigenous not digitally converted. We etherize the artwork, saw it in half, and out pours pixels, not paint or canvas or bronze or ceramic or mountain landscapes. It's got digital DNA. We follow the artwork as it leaves the gallery, sneak up from behind and put a gun to its head and ask, "Who are you!" and it responds with incomprehensible hexidecimal code.

The artwork is hit by a car while crossing the street and seriously injured. Rushed to the hospital, the doctor shouts, "He needs blood, QUICK!" and the nurse rushes in with a laptop computer and plugs a USB cable into the artwork's arm.

The gallery is about to open for the big digital art show. It's time for the artwork to get out of its chair, stop sipping cappuchino and reading the newspaper and get back up on the wall where it's supposed to be. The curator walks past and whacks the artwork on the back of the head with his knuckles. The artwork calmly walks across the room and takes its place on the wall -didn't feel a thing!

That's Digital Art.

Anyhow Digital Rising gets my golden link award which has only been awarded once before to Blog with a View and added to my link list up top. So it's a big deal and not just another blog.

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