Fractal Crash Scene

There's something intoxicating, I mean fascinating, about overwhelming force.

Download parameter file "crash01.zar"

I've always been curious about burning, blasting or crushing. I remember blowing up spray cans and burning up toys just for fun.

Or rolling loose boulders off a cliff or hitting some small object thing with a sledge hammer.

There was always a moment of excitement when you ran over to look at the outcome of those powerful forces; the collision, the crash scene.

Download parameter file "crash02.zar"

I remember back in university, one of my Geography professors said that he thought primitive people often started large forest fires or grass fires just for entertainment. So I guess it's a healthy, natural and expected thing --for a neanderthal.

I'm not talking about violent things that cause pain or suffering like earthquakes or bombings or tsunamis or car accidents. That's sick.

Meteor Crater in Arizona or New Mexico or somewhere in the Southwest; A crash scene that piques our curiosity (nothing morbid about that).

Ground Zero near White Sands New Mexico, the site of the first atomic blast. People want to see that spot for themselves; to stand in the footprint of the monster.

Download parameter file "crash03.zar"

With fractals, the same thing. The power, the tumult, the sudden thud of the mathematical sledge hammer. C'mon, quick! let's take a look inside that smoking crater of chaos we just made before the fire department gets here!

Fractals: go ahead, let 'er rip, they're perfectly safe, those warning labels are just there for the lawyers.

Maybe my blog should have a warning label...

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